We coordinate and guide the audio post-production process
to make the audience feel your product through sound.


Reduce the technical and artistic mistakes of your creation.

Connect your visual concept to a sense of hearing.

Enhance the emotional engagement of your audience.


We talk about your idea and what you want to transmit to your audience.

We design your sound map from the pre-production stage.

We think creatively, taking into account the message’s needs.

We supervise the recording, editing and mixing stages. Maintaining the link between you and all the sound departments.


The studio did an amazing job supervising the sound for my film. Their workflow is very professional and they use all the necessary tools to really bring out the feeling that I wanted for my piece. They work effectively and efficiently in all the stages of production providing a Sound Map for the overall sound of the film that made the Sound Recordist job easier during principal photography. The post-production process with the foley, sound editing, sound effects, and mixing was truly flawless. Sound can be a really complicated but the studio understood what I needed and together we achieved what I had envisioned.
Emilio García Peña
The Juncture (Short-film)

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