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We listen
Tell us about your idea, we want to know EVERYTHING!
We imagine
We make creative contributions to enhance your idea
We structure
We bring together all the imagination and creativity into a podcast project
We Create
We apply all our knowledge and infrastructure to make this podcast a reality
Course correction:
We listen to your feedback and make adjustments
You listen
Put on your headphones and dive into the mesmerizing soundscape we crafted from your idea
You connect
The podcast embarks on its journey to help you forge new connections with your community
"The work with Sinsonte was filled with two key elements for any creative process: passion and imagination. Together, we were able to materialize a concept that aligned with what we wanted to achieve. The team seeks the best way to distill the essence of the project and incorporate it into every bit of sound. It is also important to mention that they are always willing to listen and make creative contributions."
Cristian Jaramillo
Librerías de la ficción (Literary Podcast)
"Working with Sinsonte has allowed us to innovate in the creation of new dramaturgies, incorporating other aesthetic languages through sound. We feel privileged to collaborate with them for their passion and dedication, as it transcends conventional boundaries. Every day, our work is a great discovery of mutual learning, where together we have ventured into the search for new ways of telling stories and captivating the audience."
Rogeiro Mepa
Triángulo Teatro (7a2: Fiction podcast with binaural audio)

Binaural Audio

Are you looking to revolutionize podcast creation? We offer cutting-edge immersive audio technologies that foster a deep emotional bond with your audience, elevating the impact of your content to new heights.

Listen here (use headphones for 3D effect):

Types of Podcast

The conversational podcast is a window into informal and entertaining conversations. Each episode features two or more hosts discussing various topics of general interest, from news and pop culture to personal experiences and practical advice. The atmosphere is relaxed and spontaneous, creating a friend-to-friend conversation-like environment. Dive into this podcast genre to enjoy pleasant company and discover new perspectives on a wide range of subjects.


The fiction podcast transports you to an imaginary world full of immersive narratives. Each episode tells a complete story or presents a series in chapters, performed by talented voice actors. These podcasts can encompass diverse genres such as mystery, science fiction, fantasy, drama, or comedy. Immerse yourself in the power of imagination as you follow the characters and their adventures through captivating dialogues, sound effects, and music that bring each scene to life.

The non-fiction podcast is a source of knowledge, information, and exploration of reality. Each episode focuses on a specific topic, such as history, science, technology, entrepreneurship, health, or culture. Through interviews, research, and in-depth analysis, these podcasts provide an educational and enlightening perspective. Discover new facts, broaden your horizons, and stay updated as you delve into the fascinating world of facts and reality. 



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