We bring you the missing sounds from production! By recording and editing specific sound effects related to the story we enhance the sonic reality of your product.



Avoid falling into a dull production.

Build unique sonic identities for your characters.

Receive a more detailed and organic production.


We analyze each character and their actions so that we identify the foley’s needs.

We get the essence of your characters by recording their steps and moves, following their personalities.

We record the essential actions of your characters in order to reveal their emotions.

By editing what we record, we make the best of each sound bite.


After a first meeting, we went through a list of all the sounds that were required to be recreated in the recording studio. Because of their experience they were very helpful at pointing out what items were suitable to create specific sounds. Since I had some experience as a foley artist we agreed on me performing the sounds and they being in the control room to record. Although I was under a very limited deadline they were able to schedule all the recordings and have every single sound recorded in less than 3 days. Working with them on the recording of sound effects was a very pleasant experience. The recordings went very smoothly thanks to their proficiency with the sound equipment as well as their guidelines to achieve a specific sound. Thanks to their workflow and communication skills we were able to record sounds with great quality in very few takes, which really saved a lot of time for production.
Juan Angel de Montecristo
City of Pigs (Short-film)

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