We balance different layers such as dialogue, sound effects, and music in order to guide your audience through a sonic journey.


Make your audience remember your project.

Guide their attention to key elements of the narrative.

Place your viewer within the world of your story


We identify your needs based on your distribution platforms.

We equilibrate the sonic elements of your project so that the audience can hear them clearly.

We locate the sound sources within the universe of the story.

For each moment we offer a point of listening as required by the narrative.

We give you the deliverables of the finished soundtrack as you need it.


Regarding the sound mixing of my film, they were watching my film a lot of times during the day, trying to listen to it and find the best way of mixing it. Furthermore, they have a talent when it comes to listening and setting the volume of a sound, which is something that not even I noticed, but everyone who has watched my film so far. The amazing final mix and work on my film, not only shows how talented they are, but it shows that I will definitely work with them again when I make another film. They are that kind of person that can be trusted, and as a Director, I can say that the most important thing for me is that they are professional in their work and they can achieve great things.
Kostas Spanomaridis
The Final Bell

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